Talents concept

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Talents concept: Everyone contributing to Wuhuan is a talent

Wuhuan always adheres to the people-oriented philosophy by providing stable occupational environment and equal training opportunities for its employees and maintaining fair competition.
The employees integrate their personal pursuits with the corporate prospect by dedicating themselves to their assigned tasks, improving their work skills and expertise and offering their intellect and energy to the company.
Co-development of company and employees


 Teamwork concept: Teamwork, responsibility, friendship, sincerity and sharing

Common goals, strong support, organized cooperation, high efficiency

Taking action, assuming responsibility, meeting challenges, and fulfilling duties

Mutual respect, reciprocal caring, sincere friendship, genuine harmony

Learning lessons, making exchanges, sharing experiences, and improving together


Occupational concept: Truthfulness, practicality, devotion

Respecting science, rules and facts
Honesty, action, effectiveness
Enthusiasm in and devotion to the job
No pain, no gain